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ozone therapy articles are intended for professional health providers or those individuals who have had previous knowledge or exposure to ozone therapy
they tend to discuss more in depth detailed information concerning ozone therapy protocols, biochemical mechanisms and ozone’s effects.

introduction to the O3 congress may 2003

slide show presentation introducing medical ozone and it's known properties
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the uses of ozone in medicine

slide show discussing the various mechanisms of action in ozone therapy from the O3 congress May 2003
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ozone therapy applications + indications of medical ozone
slides show presentation for the systemic forms of application and indications for ozone therapy.
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ozone therapy in ophthalmology
an increase of visual deterioration without real conventional medical help…….age related macular degeneration (amd) is the most common cause
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spinal cystic lesion treated with medical ozone
the use of medical ozone for the therapy of the slipped disc is well known. this refers of a case of spinal cystic lesion treated with medical ozone
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ozone therapy in patients with viral hep c a clinical study
hepatitis "c" is a medical problem in egypt. the usual line of treatment is very expensive with major side effects and low efficacy especially in type 4.
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management of caries using ozone therapy
a slide show presenting new research in treating tooth decay with medical ozone
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ozone autohemotherapy in athletes
slides show presentation into research of the effects of medical ozone on mountain bikers.
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disc radicular conflicts treatments with O2/O3 therapy

slide show presenting a new looks at disc radicular conflicts with clinical study
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the possible role of medical ozone in angiogensis

to elucidate if medical ozone is able to induce angiogenesis, we used three different doses (75,40 &4µg O3/mlO2) in white albino rats.
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herpes zoster
the trigger of the zoster or shingles condition is the varicella zoster virus. it manifests itself as a local recurrence through a weakened…
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disc hernia minimal invasive treatment

slide show presenting a new outlook of treating disc hernia with minimal intervention supported by clinical data.
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the histo-pathological changes in the livers of mice infected with schistsoma mansoni
slides show presentation of a clinical study on mice with schistosoma mansoni with the effects of medical ozone.
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medical ozone for prophylaxis and treatment of complications associated by chemotherapy of ovary cancer
we observed 55 women, which received adjuvant chemotherapy after non-radical surgery for ovary cancer, 35 of them underwent ozone therapy in the form of rectal insufflations.
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ozone therapy in female fertility
the purpose of this work was to study the effect of ozone in the treatment of female infertility of inflammatory aetiology. we administered ozone to 56 patients (50 out of which were infertile), who had previously…
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three case reports on the holistic approach to patients with neoplasm including the use of medical ozone
one of the perceived difficulties conventional medicine has in the acceptance of a holistic approach to illness is…
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therapeutic effects of ozonised olive oil in the treatment of intractable fistula and wound after surgical operations

20 patients at several hospitals who underwent surgical operation between august 1998 to august 2000 had ozonized olive oil applied to their intractable fistula or.....
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effects of oxidative stress on erythrocytes deformability

haemolysis as a consequence of open heart surgery is well investigated and explained by the oxidative and/or mechanical stress produced, e.g. by the heart lung machine.
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miles stones of medical ozone

slides show presentation highlighting the progression of medical ozone therapy.
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the use of ozone in complex spa treatment and it’s effect on functional potential of cardio-vascular system and on specific resistance in patients with ischemic heart disease

the aim of the work is to study the ozone therapy effect in subtropical conditions of the caucasian black sea coast on adaptive potentials of cardio…
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the influence of ozonated water on epithelial wound healing process in the oral cavity

In a placebo-controlled, randomised double blind study the healing process of three identical wounds of the oral mucosa in 30 patients was examined planimetrically, immunohistochemically...
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the treatment of endometriosis in combination with ozone therapy
he inflammatory diseases of female genital organs are numbered among the most frequent pathologies of fertile women. in order to increase the efficiency of…
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oxygen-ozone therapy in prevention of the oxidative cellular damage: an anti-aging hypothesis
since many years the role of reactive oxygen species (ros) in the acute and chronic diseases represented the topic of numerous scientific papers. indeed, the oxidative...
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repetitive pneumoperitoneum with ozonised oxygen as a preventive in lethal polymicrobial sepsis in rats

the aim of this study was to test whether repetitive pre-treatments of rats with ozonized oxygen at relatively low gas volumes into the abdomen (20 ml per rat per day)…
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ozone in medicine
ozone therapy has been used as a complementary medical approach for half a century but it has encountered scepticism by orthodox medicine because…
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biological and clinical effects of ozone. has ozone therapy a future in medicine

although ozone therapy has been used as an alternative medical approach for four decades, it has encountered scepticism, if not outright objection, by orthodox medicine.
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ozone as a bioregulator:
pharmacology and toxicology of ozone therapy today
the disinfectant activity of ozone is well recognised and ozone is used worldwide for sterilization of water.

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